I am honored to be speaking at the Fox Valley .NET User Groups Day of .NET this year. The Fox Valley Day of .NET is a GREAT event. Every year, they have speakers from all around come and present on topics that will challenge you and make you that much of a better developer when you leave.

This year's event is held at the UW Fox Valley on Saturday May 4th from 8 AM to 5 PM.

You can see the whole lineup at http://dayofdotnet.fvnug.org/. The downside to the day is so may of the presentations overlap. Some great talks!

I usually try and speak every year at the Day of .NET. The only year I did not speak, I won an Xbox, so that worked out pretty well!

Here are past presentations

2012 - PhoneGap

2011 - Microsoft Azure

2010 - SharePoint 2010 - A developers overview

2009 -Xbox!

2008 - Silverlight

My presentation this year will be a bit of a different topic for me, it is a much more soft presentation than what I have done in the past. It is called Being You: Building Your Personal Brand Online. Specifically, we are going to look at using Windows Azure to quickly and easily setup a blog. We will then dive into things like configuring how the blog looks and setting up the ability for users to share with popular social media sites. In order to increase search relevancy, we will go through setting up Authorship markup for your blog to make sure you are identified with what you write. We will then create a Windows 8 application from the blog. It is going to be a lot in an hour!

If you are interested in Web technologies and broadening your developer skills, I encourage you to register!